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Business Consultancy Marketing, Customers, Markets, Sales and Products


Marketing, customers, markets, sales and products, understood from two aspects:

  • Strategic marketing. From an adequate segmentation, with special emphasis on positioning. 
  • Operational marketing. It is materialized in the marketing general plan.

Marketing applied as a dynamic tool ensuring a competitive and cost-effective growth in markets increasingly demanding, within business consultancy.

It can be assumed that sell will always be necessary. But the purpose of marketing is to make sell be frill. Marketing purpose also consists of knowing and understanding the consumer, making the product and service perfectly fit the necessities and thus, be sold by itself. In an ideal situation, marketing must lead into a consumer that is willing to buy.

All that remain to be done would be to put the product or service at customer’s disposal.

From our business consulting services Gestión Quattro is able to help.

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