Business Consultancy Poor Management Problems And Good Businesses From Santa Fe
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Business Consultancy Poor Management Problems And Good Businesses From Santa Fe

Before taking some days off this Easter week, we met with Jodi and Miquel on Tuesday yesterday to talk about what we have learned during this last week we were not able to see each other for the sake of work.

I told them about what the cake seller, to whom I buy the bread and some croasants every Sunday for breakfast, answered when I asked him if he had noticed a sales slump of traditional monas de pascua cakes, and he told me, is of a poor to say you are not going on holydays somewhere this Easten week, but that he knows that they are all at home, because last Sunday, 5, he finished with all the roscos bread (tortells in Catalan), and that when he asks his customers if they are going somewhere these days, they answer yes... But he does not believe it. His sales are increasing and it is because people stay at home.
I think his particular way of controlling the market is fine, that it clearly works for him, but I think It costs nothing to say that you stay at home, do not tell me we are going to be dishonest even on this.
Jordi tells us, that another sector which is going to be in troubles, if it is not already in, is restoration. He told us that yesterday he went to a Minorcan restaurant at Terrassa City, next to the Chamber of Commerce, and that he ordered to eat a la carte, that he did not want the menu, because he saw there were dishes he wanted to taste. As a second dish he ordered baked turbot, they told him they cooked it wonderfully, so he got excited waiting for the second dish. When they served it, it had a burned taste, he claimed and they told him that they had made a mistake and they have served turbot from the menu instead of from a la carte. He had to wait for half and hour for another dish they were going to prepare him, and again it was "baked” turbot, but also with a burned taste because they grilled it. A dish of 30 Euros. They cannot allow themselves not to make it in an impeccable way, and not because of the price, but because they have to know they earn their salary at the end of the month by way of customers going to the restaurant. Jordi is definitively not coming back, Miquel and I agree, with these feedback, we’d rather go to another one.

I tell him that I am helping an Energy Efficiency Company in the development of the strategic plan, that they are a very active team of people, hard-working, very united and with an enviable professionalism. There are two factors that make them special:

  1. The sector they are in.
  2. The RR.HH. Team.

To a point where there is already an investor group which is determined to support them financially on their project. When you see these people with this illusion, the high capacity of effort, work and commitment shared with the project, it is worth backing into them, it is a winning project. There are a lot of these projects, we just have to see the opportunity in the market, coordinate efforts to make it viable and to provide real value to all the participants.

Happy Easter to everyone, and we do not have to loose faith, because at these moments there are good opportunities and better to come.

Ricardo Cuerba Rubio

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